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Events for the Session 2018 - 19
Junior Section
20-Apr-2018 Friday Drawing Competition III  to  V
27 – Apr-2018 Friday English Hand Writing Competition III  to  V
4-May-2018 Friday Mask Making Competition IV & V
11-May-2018 Friday Hindi Hand Writing Competition III  to  V
22-Jun-2018 Friday Singing Competition IV & V
29-Jun-2018 Friday Bengali Hand Writing Competition IV & V
6-Jul-2018 Friday Dance Competition IV & V
13-Jul-2018 Friday English Recitation Competition III to V
10-Aug-2018 Friday Rakhi Making Competition III to V
17-Aug-2018 Friday Hindi Recitation Competition III to V
24-Aug-2018 Wednesday Carrom  Competition IV & V
31-Aug-2018 Friday Inter House Quiz Competition IV & V
7-Sep-2018 Friday Clay Modelling Competition IV & V
12 – Sep-2018
Rangoli Competition IV & V
14- Sep- 2018 Friday English Essay Competition IV & V
28- Sep- 2018 Friday English Story Telling Competition III to V
5- Oct- 2018 Friday Pencil Sketch Competition IV & V
12- Oct- 2018 Friday Flower Decorating Competition IV & V
26- Oct- 2018 Friday Non Fire Cooking  IV & V
2-Nov-2018 Friday Card Making Competition III to V
9- Nov-2018 Friday Fancy Dress Competition III to V

Events for the Session 2018 - 19
Senior Section (Class VI-IX)
18-Apr-2018 Wednesday Drawing Competition A
19-Apr-2018 Thursday Drawing Competition B
23-Apr-2018 Monday English Extempore A
24-Apr-2018 Tuesday English Extempore B
2-May-2018 Wednesday Hindi Extempore A
3-May-2018 Thursday Hindi Extempore B
8-May-2018 Tuesday Quiz Competition
9-May-2018 Wednesday Quiz Competition B
22-Jun-2018 Friday Mask Making A
25-Jun-2018 Monday Mask Making B
2-Jul-2018 Monday Singing Competition A
3-Jul-2018 Tuesday Singing Competition B
10-Aug-2018 Friday Rakhi Making Competition A  &  B
16-Aug-2018 Thursday English Essay Competition
17-Aug-2018 Friday English Essay Competition
20-Aug-2018 Monday Carrom Competition A
21-Aug-2018 Tuesday Hindi Essay Competition A  &  B
24- Aug-2018 Friday English Recitation Competition A
30-Aug-2018 Thursday English Elocution Competition A  &  B
12-Sep-2018 Wednesday Hindi  Elocution Competition A  &  B
18-Sep-2018 Tuesday Collage Making Competition A
19-Sep-2018 Wednesday Collage Making Competition B
26-Sep-2018 Wednesday Poster Design Competition B
3-Oct-2018 Wednesday Pot Making Competition A  &  B
5-Oct-2018 Friday Flower Making Competition A  &  B
2-Nov-2018 Friday Rangoli Competition A  &  B
5- Dec-2018 Wednesday Clay Modelling Competition A  &  B
12- Dec-2018 Wednesday Chess Competition B
19-Dec-2018 Wednesday Pencil Sketch Competition A  &  B

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